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Danik the Explorer’s Travel Planning and Itinerary Planning Service

I get a lot of emails and messages from many people who ask me for guidance on travel planning or for help choosing a destination that will provide the experience you’re wanting. As well as writing and producing a travel blog to share my experiences with the world, the blog is also here to help people with their travels. I am now taking it up a level and offer a travel planning service where I provide you detailed travel information and itineraries. With over twenty years experience of traveling on the road and over fifty countries in the world, who also used to sell vacation packages, I can give you a service which you are looking for.

For some people itinerary planning can be ‘a pain in the ass’. Let me take away the stress and help you plan your trip, your family vacation or maybe even your business travel. I have experienced backpacking, couples travel, family travel, solo travel, luxury travel, organised group trips, and done every way of traveling possible (apart from a cruise but I am working on that). When I am helping YOU with an itinerary, I will use all my knowledge and experience to make sure you have that amazing vacation.

By using me, I am on the case straight away and I can free up some of your free time. Why do you want to spend hours planning a trip and using valuable time when I can do all this for you? I can give you advice on currencies, transportation, accommodation, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations. 

How it works

It’s pretty easy, when using my services we can either e-mail, do a telephone conversation or we can use Skype. If you are in my area (Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire) of England or London, maybe we can meet up for a drink to discuss the forthcoming trip. This is the best time to tell me what you are looking for and we can go from there. Or if you have an ‘plan’ in place and need some extra information, details or to tie up the loose ends, I can do this also. Let me plan your trip and I won’t disappoint you.

After the first discussion, I will create the itinerary for you and come back with a draft proposal and then we can amend things, take things out, put things in until YOU are very happy with the itinerary – or your money back*. 

My services can include the following: 

Consultation to discuss your trip

Flight booking advice for the best routes.


Sightseeing and restaurant recommendations

Car rental options for your itinerary

Train and ferry options

Visa advice if your trip requires a visa

Remember I don’t offer a booking service. I will do the research for you and you will have to book the actual product and/or services yourself. 

Once agreed on everything, the final plan will be presented on a PDF file (which can be printed), which will have all the details of transport times and connections (if needed), accommodation details, how to get around, activities planned, and also information on the places you are staying which may or may not be included in my blog. For that extra reassurance, I will be contactable on the email until the end of your trip if there are any questions you may have. Please note that I just be planning your trip and won’t be booking it (but if any assistance is needed, then I can do this for you). 


Via E-mail: £10+ : Submit your travel questions via email to receive detailed responses within 24-48 hours.

Skype/Phone/Face to Face: £30+ : When opting for a Skype/phone consultation (which usually lasts 45-60 minutes), together we can go over your budget, transport options, accommodation needs interests, preferred destination and more to come up with the perfect itinerary.

Before going ahead with my services, payment will need to be done in advance. After you submit payment, you can send your travel questions via email to receive detailed responses within 48 hours. 

Select Option

If you’re not satisfied with the information I provide you then let me know and under my money back guarantee, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.  Terms and Conditions can be found here.