Can I run all 3652 days in the 2020’s? Part 1: Year 2020

I was speaking to someone in London on New Years Day 2020 and he said to me, ‘Why don’t you run every day in 2020, or how about every day in the 20’s. You know, like, every day for the next decade until 2030!’ I just laughed at him and then thought, hang on, I already got day one out of the way by doing 4.1 miles which included Stevenage Parkrun. I give it a good crack but can’t see me doing every day for the decade. But I give 2020 a good bash! So here it is. (Will update this blog every day until I either complete the challenge or fail to do so).

Day 01 – January 1st 2020

Completed the Stevenage Parkrun on New Years Day. Great workout with a one mile warm up. Weighed myself after nearly two weeks of no training and came in at 85.1kg. Stats for today: 4.1 miles and 620 kcal burnt.

Day 02 – January 2nd 2020

Managed a nice jog around Fairlands Lakes in Stevenage. Total stats so far after day two out of 3652: Miles: 8.4, KM: 13.51. Kcal burnt: 1,256.

Day 03 – January 3rd 2020

With fellow Strider teammates – Ben and Helen

Today saw me run 5.3 miles (8.53km) with the ‘Silver Striders’ around the eastern side of Stevenage which started out in the rain but became drier as we ran on. Great to do some training with my team mates this morning. Also did a short core-work out session at home.

Stats so far after day three of 3652: Miles: 13.7 miles/22.04 km. Kcal burnt: 2,050.

Day 04 – January 4th 2020

Good workout at the Stevenage Parkrun which turned into a tempo run and got my fastest parkrun time since September. Also did one mile warm up and one mile cool down afterwards.

Stats: time: 22-04 position: 30th out of 532 runners, average pace: 7:08 per mile, kcal burnt: 438, parkrun done: 196, parkrun courses completed: 123, parkrun countries done: 9.

Day 4 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 18.8, KM: 30.25, Kcal burnt: 2353.

Day 05 – January 5th 2020

Nice nine mile steady run through the countryside this morning east of Stevenage at the crack of dawn with my team mates from Stevenage Striders, taking in Aston, Watton, Hooks Cross, Datchworth and Bragbury End. Few hills on the way. Great way to start the day.

Day 5 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 27.8, KM: 44.73, Kcal burnt: 3722.

Day 06 – January 6th 2020

Nice gentle run out this morning at dawn around Fairlands Valley, Six Hills and Monkswood. Day 6 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 30.9, KM: 49.73, Kcal burnt: 4184.
Day 07 – January 7th 2020
10km steady run from Baldock to Wallington and back this morning. Most of the run is the first few and last few miles of the Baldock Beast Half Marathon route. Nice work out.

Day 7 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 37.1, KM: 59.73, Kcal burnt: 5111.

Day 08 – January 8th 2020

Another morning steady run over the hills north of Baldock (whilst my car was in the garage getting fix…gotta kill the time somehow). Beautiful morning and perfect running conditions.
Day 8 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 41.1, KM: 66.16, Kcal burnt: 5710.
Day 09 – January 9th 2020
Testing out the new running buggy with Kiddo today around Fairlands Valley Lakes. Strong headwind around the lake. Saw one squirrel. Good work out at a steady pace. Day 9 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 44.2, KM: 71.16, Kcal burnt: 6171.
Day 10 – January 10th 2020
Lovely steady run around the lakes this lunchtime in the winter sunshine. Feeling fine and dandy, bring on Parkrun tomorrow! Day 10 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 47.3, KM: 76.16, Kcal burnt: 6631.
Day 11 – January 11th 2020
Good workout as Team Kiddo this morning whilst testing out the new running stroller. Congested start but soon found our stride. Great to be part of Stevenage Parkrun course attendance record.

Parkrun Stats: time: 25-02 position: 114th out of 586 runners, average pace: 8:04 per mile, kcal burnt: 447, parkrun done: 197, parkrun courses completed: 123, parkrun countries done: 9

Day 11 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 51.4, KM: 82.76, Kcal burnt: 7228.

Day 12 – January 12th 2020

Fantastic 11 mile/17.7km run from Fairlands (Stevenage) to Weston and back in the rain, sun and wind. Wet feet was the name of the game. Great pacing this morning and a great way to kick start the day. Day 12 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 62.4, KM: 100.42, Kcal burnt: 8886.
Day 13 – January 13th 2020
Junk miles today – got in 2.5 miles/4.02 km, didn’t even get to 5km. Not because of fitness/injury…bugger that, I am fit as a fiddle. It was because I was with Kiddo and the buggy and after the photo was taken (it was clear and sunny before this), it threw it down with rain and had to get Kiddo to nursery asap. As it was still lashing down after the drop off, I just ran home and guess what…it stops raining when I get to my front door. Love you British weather.

Day 13 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 64.9, KM: 104.44, Kcal burnt: 9261.

Day 14 – January 14th 2020
5km kindergarten run this morning in the morning sunshine. Two squirrels seen. That is all. Feeling the love today and sending everyone I know all the positive vibes and love for the day ahead.
Day 14 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 68, KM: 109.44, Kcal burnt: 9726.
Day 15 – January 15th 2020
Fantastic run out this morning, a lovely 5.5 miles (8.85km) run around the East End of Stevenage with the Silver Striders.
Day 15 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 73.50, KM: 118.29, Kcal burnt: 10,553.
Day 16 – 16th January 2020
I headed off to Box Wood and Great Ashby District Park for the first time ever for a bit of a steady cross-country run. One and half miles on trails and the other one and half miles on cycle tracks of Chells. Beautiful area of Stevenage, why haven’t I discovered this before. Coming back here soon for a longer run out. Loved the views looking into the countryside. Day 16 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 77, KM: 123.91, Kcal burnt: 11,074.
Day 17 – January 17th 2020
Perfect pre-breakfast run this morning, same route as yesterday, Chells through Box Wood to Great Ashby District Park in Stevenage for a bit of cross-country mixed in with cycletracks. Good job the sun came out after that heavy downpour this morning. Day 17 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 80.17, KM: 129.02, Kcal burnt: 11,548.
Day 18 – January 18th 2020 –PARKRUN 198 COMPLETED: Westmill (Ware)
Great workout on the cross-country course on a freezing morning in East Hertfordshire this morning with Ollie, Jonny and Jenny from the Striders. Managed to get around safely and put a bit of effort into it before my 10km race on Sunday morning in Essendon. Finished in the top ten and also completed 18 days of running in a row. Stats: time: 23-39 position: 10th out of 99 runners, average pace: 7:45 per mile, kcal burnt: 438, parkrun done: 198, parkrun courses completed: 123, parkrun countries done: 9. Day 18 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 83.27, KM: 134.02, Kcal burnt: 11,986.
Day 19 – Sunday 19th November – Essendon 10km (Herts)
Nice frosty cold morning in the winter sunshine and the temperature being -5 at the start. Good tempo work out in the 10km (6.2 miles) course, a two lapper on tarmac with hills around the Essendon Country Club & Golf Course near Hatfield, Herts, UK.
A lot of positives to take away from today, pacing was near spot on, just struggled slightly on the hills towards the end of each lap. Fitness levels are getting better and I am starting to feel lighter after intense training sessions since the New Year. Above all, I got a course PB, as the last time I was here in 2018 I got 49-38. Today I got 45-43. So nearly four minutes of my time which I am very happy about. Pacing was 7:27 per mile. Finished 27th out of 268 runners and 2nd Strider home. Now to keep pushing on and see what 2020 brings.
Day 19 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 89.47, KM: 144.02, Kcal burnt: 12,857.
Day 20 – Monday 20th January 2020

After a lack of sleep last night, this little one was very eager to go to nursery this morning in the buggy. Managed to get 5km in, god Kiddo is getting heavier now! Beautiful sunrise over the lakes this morning. Day 20 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 92.57, KM: 149.02, Kcal burnt: 13,328.

Day 21 – January 21st 2020

Good pre-breakfast run before sunrise this morning, getting a good 3.5 miles (5.63km) in at a controlled pace. Feeling alive. Massive thanks to Chris Stevens from Chris Country Radio for playing amazing songs during the training session which really did lift me up. Playing Tim McGraw’s ‘Thought about you’ is a really great way to kick off the session. Love that tune. Sets me up for the day and I know today is going to be a good day. Sending everyone all the positive vibes and love. Have a great day guys. Day 21 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 96.07, KM: 154.65, Kcal burnt: 13,843.
Day 22 – January 22nd 2020
Junk miles in London today as I return to work at the ‘real’ job after baby leave. Managed to get in 8.27 miles/13.32km in the process. Day 22 of 3652 day challenge. Total so far: miles: 104.36, KM: 167.97, Kcal burnt: 14,843.
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